When you decide to sell your property it is important that everything is done professionally and properly, this way we can ensure that the sale is done as quick and smooth as possible. At CG Estates we will be by your side to help and assist you every step of the way. Here are the main steps you will need to consider

Value your property

One of our property experts at CG Estates will visit your property and carry out a free valuation to find out how much your property is worth in today’s market. To help us make the process quicker any documents and information you have on the property would be very helpful to us, however there is no need to worry if you do not have these at hand as we can find it out for you. You will have the results of the valuation within 24 hours and then once you have decided on your final selling price it’s on to the best step – listing the property.

Listing your property

Now we have a selling price we need to get your property listed so that we can get it up on our website and send it out there for everyone to see! We have a large database of over 200 agents along the Coast as well as a large mailing list campaign which we update on a daily basis so you can assure your property will be seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

Firstly we will need to visit the property and take high quality photographs, then we will collect all relevant information and documentations either through you or another source, just let us know if you do not have any of these. Lastly, a Listing Contract is signed which states all the terms and conditions of listing your property with CG Estates.

Information you will need: 

  • Full name, Address, Passport/N.I.W/DNI numbers & contact details of all owners
  • Year the property was built
  • Price of Community Fees
  • Price of IBI (Local Tax) and Basura (Rubbish collection)
  • Square Metres of the living area, terrace & plot

Documents you will need:

  • Nota Simple (Land Registry Report)
  • Last IBI Receipt (Local tax paid yearly)
  • First Occupancy License
  • Copia Simple de Escritura (Copy of Title Deed)
  • Floor Plan (If possible)

Arrange a viewing

The most efficient way for us to keep on top of viewings is to have access to a set of keys for the property. You can be assured these will be locked and kept safe only to be used by one of our trusted and professional team at CG Estates. You will be informed at least 24 hours before the viewing so that we can confirm the day and time is convenient for you and get the property ready so that it looks as presentable as possible for the viewer. After the viewing we will be in touch to update you on what they think!

Offer and Reservation

If a client shows interest then the next step is for them to put in an offer. Some negotiation might be made in terms of the price, furnishing, exchanging contracts, completion dates and anything else the client may query. Once we have a final agreement between both parties then the reservation form can be signed along with a reservation deposit from the buyer, paid to their lawyer or CG Estates.

Hiring a lawyer is recommended to proceed with the final steps of the sale. With our years of experience in the industry we can advise you on the best law firms along the Coast, if you don’t have a lawyer already.

Exchanging Contracts

You will have agreed with the buyer whether you are going to exchange contracts or skip straight to the completion of the sale. The buyer’s lawyer will make all necessary legal checks and preparations for whichever the next step is.

Completion Day!

On your agreed completion date (normally around 4 weeks but can be as little as 1 week) all debts will be settled, if not already done so, and the completion is signed in a notary public. All keys will be handed over to the buyer and you will receive payment of your sale.

Fees & Taxes

When selling your property in Spain it is important that you understand the costs involved. These costs include: Plusvalia Tax/capital gains tax (depends on value of property and how much the value of the property has risen since it was bought), Legal Fees (1%, depending on law firm and services offered), Agent Fees (contact us for a quote) and Mortgage Cancellation Fees (if applicable, depends on mortgage and bank).

Want to sell?

1. Owner Details

2. Full Address of the Property for Sale

3. Other Details